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Syringomyelia – Weather or not??? The pressure is on…

Syringomyelia - Weather Pain - SyringoWhat.comIt can’t just be me, but my wife and I have possibly determined another trend in what may agitate symptoms related to my Syringomyelia.  We finally realized after a few years that later in Fall seasons I start having more and more frequent but sporadic pain and discomfort.  Apparently, my syrinx has seasonal allergies to fast shifting between high and low pressure weather fronts, specifically when a cold front arrives.  Ultimately between the end of Fall and the first part of Spring, my Syringomyelia symptoms ‘rain, sleet, hail and snow’ in.

I’ve read other articles about weather fronts and how it affects arthritic people among some others but I never would have thought it would affect my Syringomyelia.  However, it makes since now.  As a precaution my doctor made sure I was tested for arthritis among a plethora of other possibilities with no issues resulting.  If you’re wondering how we came up with the hypothesis of weather affecting my Syringomyelia, then here is our thought process.  High to low and low to high pressure in hydraulics is used to affect the position of heavy machinery.  So, with that thought, pressure changes in the weather seems to affect the fluid pressure in my spinal cord thus sporadic pain impacts and fluctuating Syringomyelia symptoms.  In late Spring to early Fall, the weather doesn’t change as much with cold being a factor and I seem to me more comfortable along with a more stable quality of life. 

I decided to lookup related information on Google and low and behold there was actually a small blog article talking about the same thing on ASAP.org (http://asap.org/index.php/blog/weather-and-cmsm).  I truly believe that weather is a key factor in my pain, ‘weather’ you believe it or not. 

Syringomyelia - He Said, She SaidNow with all this being said, my wife and I can almost always predict when the real bad times (symptoms) are coming.  After my last doctor’s consultation, he
also agrees with this hypothesis and now is very open minded on how to help keep me up with the right pain meds for when I need them.  I don’t generally use prescription pain killers anymore but my doctor now ensures I have them in the event that bad times do ‘storm’ in.

Jokingly my wife and I keep thinking this is the final reason we needed for us to move to Florida for more stable weather without the high pressure cold fronts.  However, we also truly believe salt water heals and I even wrote an article about that as well that you can read using this link.  OK, we just want to be in Florida regardless.  J

Barometric Pressure, Weather and Syringomyelia - SyringoWhat.comMy advice at this point is to pay some additional attention to the weather when pressure changes are going to occur and then make note of your symptoms the days leading up to pressure change and several days after.  I’d love to hear from you if this seems to be the case for you as well by using the contact page on my website.

Keep strong my friends and keep God in your life and hearts.

Jeremiah 17:14 NKJV Heal me, O LORD, and I shall be healed; Save me, and I shall be saved, For You are my praise.

Please feel free to send me your thoughts or more resource links using my contact page.   Peace, Love, Pancakes… — Michael Doc Davis (SyrinGoWhat.com), fellow Syringomyelia Warrior