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Syringomyelia, Surviving the Tunnel

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So what the heck does Syringomyelia have to do with a tunnel?  Most with this disease or any related disease, you probably already made the connection that I am talking about the dreaded MRI machine.  It’s definately not the tunnel of love but can be the tunnel to life, as in saving it.

I personally do not like anything about this piece of very necessary equipment.  I honestly believe that I would be in a much worse situation if we didn’t have this technology but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. 

The anxiety leading up to it and not being able to move my body throughout the process is unsettling to me.  In order to deal with the anxiety, I have my own methods to cope.  Being a comedian, yep it’s mostly entertaining myself.  Sure a valium helps a little. 😀

So here is a list of things I do (some being just plain silly and / or nerdy):

  • Before going back, I give my wife a smooch like I was going into war.  However, before I was married, I would give a random stranger a hug and tell them “I’m going in and I’ll see you when it’s over”.  Side note: I’m glad no one had a taser but the older folks didn’t seem to mind.  Ha!
  • Star Trek Torpedo TubeI picture myself as Spock from Star Trek and being inserted into a photon topedo tube on the USS Enterprise in preparation to be launched onto a newly forming planet.
  • Once I’m in, if not listening to music, I start rapping silly lyrics to the rhythm of the machine.
  • Living in a Card Board BoxIf I am able to listen to music, I always request The Point 94.1 classic rock station and do a sing along.  However, I’m glad the machine drowns out my horrible singing.  By the way, the song ‘Living in a box’ is quite funny while you are in a MRI machine.
  • There are times, while my eyes are closed, I play that old video game ‘Pong’ in my head… back and forth to the rhythm of the machine.  It’s a heck of a eye work out.
  • Sometimes I stick my tongue out as far as I can to see if I can touch the top of the MRI machine while hoping that I don’t.
  • I start telling myself stupid corny jokes and even make some up.  I tend to crack myself up doing this and have to avoid laughing to hard because it would throw off such an ‘advanced’ piece of scientific equipment.  (Q: What does MRI and CAT scan equipment have in common?  A: It’s frowned upon if you pet either.)  badump pssss
  • Sometimes I just have to work very hard at not passing gas because I’m not sure how close we are to being done or if the MRI tech would hear it, thus cracking myself up again.
  • I even start thinking about the funny words for body parts and then say them three times real fast… again trying not to laugh to hard.
  • I have many other things I do to pass the time and stay calm, but it can be difficult to stay still with a body that spasm’s and hurts but somehow I get though it and will again.

Vampire Scary ChickEveryone has their own way to get through stuff and these were some of mine.  I always try to keep in mind that the MRI is simply a tunnel and once through, I will have a better idea what is on the other side.  I just hope it’s not a half naked hitchhiker with wings and fangs from a scary movie.  THAT WOULD NOT BE COOL! 

My opinion is that not everything is fun but you can make it funny.  Laughter is the best medicine even if it hurts to do it.

Oh yeah, on a side note, have you noticed that these machines sound more like a cat?  Meowwww meowwww meowwww meowwww… meow meow meow meow… just a thought.  Ha! 

Mizz Kitty Cat Scan - My in home 'cat scan'.

Mizz Kitty Cat Scan – My in home ‘cat scan’.

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